Aryzon 3D Augmented Reality Headset Review: Exploring The AR Cardboard!

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Since the release of Google Cardboard, there hasn’t been any worthy contender to take the spot and innovate on the idea the Google company has invented. People have lost interest in the product with the release of far better augmented reality devices such as the META Oculus headset, and the Microsoft HoloLens headset. Today, I’m happy to share with you the next generation Cardboard, the ARYZON Augmented reality headset, with the help of this headset, virtual reality and augmented reality are infused to create a mixed reality experience where everyone can enjoy, develop, and create better life moments. The ARYZON AR headset can be used in business, education, and all fields to create more productive decisions and fun experiences and in this article, we’ll discover all the great features of this great mixed reality device. Let’s hop in!

What Is The ARYZON Mixed Reality Headset?

The ARYZON headset is a cardboard mixed reality device that allows you to experience anything in front of you in 3D (3 dimensions), it’s extremely useful for business and education as it allows full fluidity to study objects and materials -take studying human anatomy for example-, the augmented reality device allows you to place an IOS or Android phone in front of you and create real-life projections that are just like magic. The ARYZON AR headset takes 10 easy steps to assemble and connect immediately to the ARYZON app on your phone where you can also enjoy already-made experiences for the fun of it, the smart glasses contain comfortable foam cushion for continuous annoyance-free use, a comfy head strap, and open source SDK where you can create your content and enjoy the beautiful content of the community. The ARYZON wireless controller is also offered for people who want to interact with their mixed-reality environment and applications, it’s price is $9.90. There’s a new platform coming called ‘ARYZON World’ so stay tuned for that! The ARYZON cardboard headset comes for $29.99.

How Do Augmented Reality Glasses Work?

AR Glasses work in a way where glass lenses are infused with LED and OLED screens to put computer-generated images in front of your eyes, instead of just looking through your glass lenses on your average eyewear to see the world, you can now see two different visuals using smart eyewear, the first being the real world and the second being the computer-generated images put in front of your eyes. Augmented reality glasses use sensors to track the real-life environment in front of you, they can track the direction you’re facing, where you are, and many incredible little details that play a big role in rendering your AR experience more immersive. There are many types of augmented reality glasses ranging from AR headsets such as the META Oculus Quest 3 specialized for games to the LENOVO ThinkReality A3 smart glasses made for businesses to improve productivity, there exist many smart glasses in between with each pair specialized for special types of needs such as sports augmented reality glasses and daily life augmented reality eyeglasses.

What Is The Main Purpose Of Mixed Reality Smart Glasses?

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Mixed reality smart glasses are the infusion of augmented reality eyeglasses and virtual reality glasses, this combination allows you to see the real world as well as the digital world in front of you and it has many benefits such as extremely immersive experiences watching your favorite movies and shows, playing your favorite video games, having a digital private monitor and AR space in front of you, see real-life object in 3D, enjoy music and podcasts, take instant pictures and videos and many more features and traits. Using mixed reality headsets, you can access the internet hands-free, and you can call upon virtual assistants to do the work for you, the possibilities are endless with mixed reality glasses and we can see the potential with mega companies such as APPLE, META, and HUAWEI planning to launch their mixed reality eyewear, it brings a tear to my seeing it all began for me with the iconic Google Cardboard, augmented reality eyewear is now shaping up to be a huge niche with many opportunities and possibilities and I’m excited about it all!


Now that we have explored the ARYZON AR studio and its full implications and features, it’s important to note that while this mixed-reality headset comes with a lot of benefits and advantages, it fails even to reach your average premium quality augmented reality eyewear, comparing the ARYZON headset to the APPLE augmented reality headset is like comparing NOKIA to SAMSUNG, there’s a large difference between the two, but what keeps me rooting for the ARYZON smart glasses is their subtility and affordability compared to other augmented reality glasses, they cost no more than 30 dollars. They can change and spice up your workplace, whereas the APPLE smart glasses cost more than 3000 dollars and the average person wouldn’t be able to afford them. For a business or an education, using the ARYZON glasses will grant you way more return on investment as these smart eyeglasses are extremely cheap, highly efficient, and elite quality, whereas the APPLE mixed reality device might be good but the heavy retail price just turns off any business. For a normal person, wearing APPLE glasses might be a beautiful premium experience but the implications of its price will lie heavily on other aspects of your life when it’s not worth it, it’s much better to buy affordable ARYZON augmented reality glasses offering fewer features as their counterparts but at the same time keeping your bank intact. If you have enjoyed this article about the great company ARYZON Eyewear, you will find the best smart glasses under $200 extremely useful highlighting the best affordable augmented reality devices in the market, check out the article now. You don’t want to miss it!

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