photo of man wearing AR headset
Aryzon 3D Augmented Reality Headset Review: Exploring The AR Cardboard!
Since the release of Google Cardboard, there hasn’t been any worthy contender to take the spot and innovate on the idea the Google company has invented. People have lost interest in the product with...
photo of woman wearing cool AR glasses
Top 5 Augmented Reality Eyewear Devices In 2024: Redefining Reality!
Augmented reality eyewear has been the center of attention lately due to its great innovation and multi-billion dollar companies taking an interest in the industry, as an eyewear enthusiast I’m not...
photo of a man wearing smart glasses
Exploring Augmented Reality Glasses: Your Ultimate Guide!
Augmented reality (AR) glasses have risen in fame since the release of the famous Google Cardboard in 2014, it has been a wild ride in recent years and the opportunities are endless for the augmented reality...
photo of man wearing AR glasses
Top 5 Affordable Smart Glasses Under $200: Tech Meets Affordability!
Smart glasses have been rising in popularity and many people have started using them, while they’re actually pretty useful and worth the try, we can’t deny the fact that they’re quite...
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