Top 5 Affordable Smart Glasses Under $200: Tech Meets Affordability!

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Smart glasses have been rising in popularity and many people have started using them, while they’re actually pretty useful and worth the try, we can’t deny the fact that they’re quite expensive, it begs the question ‘Are augmented reality glasses worth it?’, and while the answer is relative to each type of person, I would say yes, it’s worth paying for high-quality augmented reality glasses, but in this article, I strive to provide you with quality smart glasses under the price tag of $200, these smart eyeglasses might not be as feature-packed as the more expensive alternatives, but they still give a huge return on investment for the fellow user. Get ready to discover the 5 best smart glasses under $200 and the amazing features they provide. Let’s hop in!

1. Smart Shades, Perfect Fit: AMPERE Dusk

I have to start the list with AMPERE Eyewear, they’re raising the game up a notch with what can you do with smart glasses, these smart sunglasses come with an app that allows you to change the level of tint on your lenses to your specific preferences, you can also immediately adjust it with a press of a button on the frame, given this superpower you can adjust your smart lenses for any weather and enjoy the safety of your eyes and the magic of smart eyewear. The lenses are scratch-resistant and are polarized for 99% protection from UVA, UVB light, and glare. The frames are made of TR-90 nylon frames for strength and durability, and a lightweight pair of tech sunglasses, they’re water-resistant and can fit most types of head shapes. The Dusk smart sunglasses can stay up to 7 days of continuous usage with just a single charge and they are the perfect option for the productive person.

Favorite Option
Adjustable Smart Sunglasses with Ampere Dusk App

Innovative Smart Glasses With An App

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2. Smart Sun Protection at Your Fingertips: LUCYD Sunglasses

It’s a big feat making two different lists on Magic Eyewear, LUCYD Eyewear makes some of the best smart goggles on the market and their elite quality is unmatchable. The LUCYD sunglasses are made of a metal frame and polarized TAC lenses for full UV400 protection, reduced glare, and minimized eye strain, they’re firm and lightweight and are extremely fashionable. The LUCYD Bluetooth sunglasses are embedded with four speakers for immersive audio whilst having awareness of surroundings at the same time, they provide a hand-free experience listening to music, making calls, asking your smart assistant questions, and many more incredible features. The LUCYD smart glasses hold up to 12 hours of charge and are equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 for easy connection with most devices up to 100 feet away. The Lucyd glasses are perfect for people looking to enjoy their lives in the most creative and innovative ways.

Lucyd Smart Bluetooth Audio Glasses

Aesthetic Smart Sunglasses

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3. Smart Sound: ANKER Soundcore

ANKER Eyewear provides some of the most innovative pairs of smart glasses on the market, their smart eyewear is special because of the ability to fully detach front frames to switch between polarized UV sunglasses and blue light-blocking glasses when change is needed. The ANKER Soundcore frames are equipped with 4 speakers for premium immersive audio so you can enjoy your favorite music while being completely aware of exterior factors. The Soundcore audio glasses make sure your calls are crystal clear with background noise canceling and privacy modes, the hinges can be adjusted to fit most head sizes and the smart glasses can give you up to 5.5 hours of charge when used continuously. Soundcore by ANKER frames are the perfect option for professional people aspiring to look their best every single day.

Soundcore Smart Glasses by Anker

Quality Bluetooth Smart Sunglasses

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4. Smart Sunglasses for Sports: KASTKING FishIQ

The KASTKING polarized sunglasses are the perfect option for people who practice sports and want to spice up their sessions. Made of a premium Grilamid® frame that is shock-resistant, lightweight, and incredibly strong, the KASTKING sunglasses are perfect for athletes, the polycarbonate lens is also very strong and shock-resistant with a crystal clear view. These smart sunglasses are equipped with directional audio and sound technology for elite sound quality and easy Bluetooth pairings, they’re UV coated for 100% sunlight protection. KASTKING Eyewear provides iReel One technology for seamless call quality and convenient access to fishing data (if you’re into fishing), they’re equipped with buttons for easy feature management and provide up to 11 hours of continuous usage with a single charge. The KASTKING fishing glasses meet the ANSI and IP54 standards for safety and comfort, they’re equipped with adjustable temples and removable elastic hinges for a more comfortable and personalized wearing experience.

KastKing FishIQ Smart Fishing Sunglasses

Elie Sports Smart Glasses

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5. Smart Blue-Light Protection: WGP Glasses

The WGP smart audio glasses have a unique fashionable white look rendering them the most fashionable smart glasses in my humble opinion, the smart eyeglasses allow you to stay aware of exterior factors while enjoying your favorite songs and podcasts, what I like the most is the blue-light protecting factor making them the optimal smart glasses for anyone who spends a lot of times in front of screens. The WGP smart glasses offer nose reduction for higher-quality calls and meetings, and excellent sound quality and connection to your devices. These WGP audio glasses are water-proof and sweat-proof for elite performances with no annoyances and they can last up to 7 days with only 2 hours of charging time, they’re by far the cheapest high-quality smart glasses on the list.

WGP Smart Anti-Blue Light Audio Glasses

Blue-Light Blocking Smart Glasses

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Now that we have discovered some of the best smart goggles under $200, I have to mention that while these AR glasses do offer great features and premium experiences, their expensive counterparts such as the RAY-BAN x META smart glasses and the NREAL smart glasses do offer higher quality features and are backed up by millions of dollars of investments, the wiser decision is to buy one of the expensive options but at the same time, it’s not really worth the hype if you’re already struggling with your financial life, smart eyeglasses -at least right now- are made for the wealthy out there who want to try new augmented reality devices and technological advances, they’re still being tested and fine-tuned and it will take some time for them to fully become an extremely reliable device to use for a more productive and fun life. My advice as your fellow eyewear enthusiast is to invest your money in cheap augmented reality glasses such as the smart glasses brands mentioned above, you will be satisfied while not having paid a huge amount of money only to be underwhelmed. Still, if you want to discover the best augmented reality devices in 2024 and the extraordinary features they provide, make sure you check out this article now. You don’t want to miss it!

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