Exploring Augmented Reality Glasses: Your Ultimate Guide!

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Augmented reality (AR) glasses have risen in fame since the release of the famous Google Cardboard in 2014, it has been a wild ride in recent years and the opportunities are endless for the augmented reality eyewear industry, companies keep impressing us more and more with incredible features taken straight out of sci-fi movies, I didn’t think the future would come this rapidly but technology has been evolving extremely fast and that is shown in the smart eyeglasses industry, augmented reality smart glasses are the future of the world and eyewear, they could solve so many current social, educational and health problems on top of their extremely entertaining factors, they’re worth the hype around them as they bring a lot to our life, from immersive entertaining experiences to hands-free commands using virtual assistant, smart eyewear features it all. AR glasses started as something that would be entertaining for a week or two but after new innovative companies and multi-billion dollar companies took over, it has genuinely become a must-have device to add more great experiences to your life and render your work more productive and rentable, they suit every type of person and smart glasses exist for every type of field already, we have smart sports glasses, smart sunglasses, mixed reality headsets, AR 3D cardboards, smart eyeglasses, and many more augmented reality devices on the market. Virtual reality has gotten a huge boost since Apple announced the release of their AR smart glasses, ‘The APPLE Vison Pro Smart Glasses’, these smart glasses changed the whole game for other competitors as they’re truly one of a kind, by far the best out there. I’ll dive into every little detail of augmented eyewear and how it will change the world completely, this is your complete guide to augmented reality eyewear. Let’s hop in!

What Is Augmented Reality?

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Augmented reality refers to an interactive technology that allows for immersive experiences infusing the real world with computer-based images, opening the door for unlimited creativity and innovation where you can see anything you want in front of you, it has been made popular with augmented reality glasses, the smart eyewear allows you to see the world completely differently, the computer enhancements are integrated within the AR lens to form sounds, visuals, texts, graphics, and many more details to fully immerse you within the experience and make you have an extremely good time, they can add to your productivity and reliability, with many augmented reality devices coming out every single year, augmented reality glasses are being used more and more by people to add a bit of spice to their lives and create unforgettable memories. It is by far one of the biggest technological advancements in our century, changing the whole world and turning the eyewear industry upside down. It’s similar to the famous game ‘Pokemon GO’ that rocked the world in 2016 where you can search in real life for Pokemons and uncover mysteries, the ‘Pokemon GO’ virtual world was merged on top of real life to have an augmented reality experience fusing the real and the unreal (smart glasses for Pokemon GO are coming soon!).

What Is Virtual Reality?

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Virtual Reality is a 3D rendering of visual images and environments to fully immerse yourself in, think of it as an unreal world completely different from our real world, a person can interact with everything in the virtual world using a virtual reality headset and virtual controllers equipped with sensors to feel virtual objects and move around freely, everything you see in the virtual world is computer-based images, audios, visuals, graphics, texts, and sounds, with the growth of virtual reality glasses the experiences tend to feel more and more immersive, it’s only a matter of time before the virtual world becomes so immersive that the ability to different between the real world and fictional world will become extremely hard. Examples of virtual reality experiences would be games such as ‘Beat Saber’ where you match the rhythm of music and try to slash every beat of the song and ‘No Man’s Sky’ where you’re presented with an endless space to explore.

What Is Mixed Reality?

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Mixed reality is an infusion of the real world and the digital world, bringing augmented reality and virtual reality into one reality called mixed reality, it involves human, digital, and environmental interactions where you fully see the real world in front of you with a touch of computer-based visuals that add an edge to your view, enabling you to interact digital components with real-life components. It is the best out of both AR and VR worlds as it takes some important elements from augmented reality glasses and some crucial traits from virtual reality glasses. Mixed reality glasses are your best bet if you want some premium smart eyewear without fully indulging in the virtual world which hinders your real-life activity as augmented reality doesn’t immerse you as much as virtual glasses do, it’s the perfect balance for people who want productive mixed reality smart glasses that will help them do more work in a more fun and innovative way. An example of mixed reality would be the filters within Instagram and Snapchat, and the infamous ‘Metaverse’ which is a mixed reality device.

What Is Extended Reality?

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Instead of having a debate for the best smart glasses, extended reality takes the arguments of augmented reality vs virtual reality vs mixed reality into its pocket with an infusion of the best factors in the 3 worlds, you could say it’s the defining word for all types of realities because some smart glasses tend to have some mixed reality features with a few augmented reality factors, we could call them extended reality glasses, although the word is not used that much by people it’s necessary to know its meaning to not get bamboozled out there. Currently, there exist 3 types of smart sunglasses, augmented reality glasses that add some elements of computer-based images to real life, virtual reality glasses that transfer you into a whole other world made of digital and computer graphics and factors, and mixed reality glasses that is the best of both worlds taking some premium elements of augmentative reality and some elite elements of virtual reality allowing you to interact with the other world freely, I don’t know what will come out in the future, but for now, these are it.

What Is The Difference Between Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality?

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While augmented reality infuses real life with computer-based images allowing you to interact with real-world objects while experiencing the magic of AR, virtual reality is solely computer-based where there are no real-life interactions, you’re in a completely different virtual world interacting with virtual images and objects. Virtual reality glasses are fully immersive while augmented reality glasses are partially immersive, and each type of smart eyewear tends to fit a type of person, virtual reality eyewear is perfect for people who want to fully immerse themselves in their favorite shows and movies, their favorite video games and their favorite songs just wanting to have some good fun time relaxing from a hard day of work, augmented reality sunglasses are perfect for people who want to enjoy elements of the digital world while still being able to interact with the real world and go about their day as usual, that creates a major difference where augmented reality goggles can be used for the whole day as they don’t hinder a person’s activity while virtual reality goggles can only be used for a while to have some good time then continue with your day till the next use as it’s impossible to interact with the real world wearing them.

How Do Augmented Reality Glasses Work?

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Augmented reality glasses are equipped with a lens that allows you to see the real world while 3D computer-based images are infused within your view, it’s a magical device that packs a lot of benefits and features. If you don’t know how to use AR glasses, it’s pretty simple for most smart glasses, all you have to do is wear the smart eyewear, turn it on, and start navigating to discover apps and games, they can be attached to a virtual controller which allows for more versatility and movement within your view, it’s up to you to choose whether to use them or not. As for augmented reality carboards like the ARYZON AR Cardboard, they come with a handy manual that explains how to build the glasses in 10 steps or so, normally it’s really simple to use augmented reality glasses, the hard part would be taking them off!

Can Augmented Reality Smart Glasses Replace Computers?

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I wouldn’t say it’s necessary to replace your computer with smart glasses, but for now, computers are packed with many features that smart eyewear can’t attain, augmented reality technology is still young compared to computer technology and it would need a lot of enhancements, detailing, and refining before it can attain the quality level of computers. However, with the launch of APPLE’s augmented reality eyewear, it wouldn’t be a surprise that people will start replacing heavy laptops with easy lightweight headsets that do the same things as computers with easier hands-free access, I still don’t know for sure though, time will tell as the APPLE eyewear comes into shops and magazines and people start critically reviewing the products, my prediction would be that the smart glasses will do amazing giving us many features we have never seen and they will change a lot within our world but for them to take the place of computers it will take an additional 5 years or so due to the price and quality.

How Will Augmented Reality Smart Glasses Help My Everyday Life?

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Smart eyeglasses can make the experiences throughout your day-to-day life more immersive and productive. AR glasses have many benefits in any industry, whether it be business, education, entertainment, health, or other major and minor fields.
Education: It allows you to study objects, shapes, and other important subjects with 3D rendering, allowing you to fully learn about the object in every little detail possible which will of course make your studies easier and way more rentable.
Business: VR glasses allow for more remote work as you can access your workplace and desk remotely in front of your eyes, and calls and meetings can be ordered to your AI virtual assistant hands-free with extreme clarity.
Entertainment: Smart sunglasses allow you to immerse deeply in your favorite video games, enjoying the fun out of them, watching your favorite movies and series with immersive attention, and listening to your favorite music and podcasts while still being aware of exterior factors and surroundings.

Social: Smart eyewear allows you to live stream to your favorite social platforms, ask for assistance immediately from your virtual assistant, and enjoy a private AR space where you can be free and do whatever you want, you can also take high-quality photos and videos straight from your augmented reality lenses now which is a little crazy.
Health: augmented reality headsets are equipped with materials and coatings to fully protect you from UVA and UVB sunlight, harmful blue light, impact, shock, and many more dangerous exterior factors.
These are only a few benefits of AR glasses, and with each type of smart eyewear comes a great deal of other traits. It depends on what type of eyewear you’re willing to purchase and what goal it helps to accomplish in your dedicated endeavor. Sports smart glasses will have dedicated features specialized for athletes like full access to databases helping them attain the next level.

Will Augmented Reality Change The World?

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There are many arguments citing why augmented reality is the future and why augmented reality is important. It’s necessary to note that technology will keep on developing and growing rapidly, which only means AR glasses will get better and better every single day, and with the industry getting bigger more companies will get into augmented reality to share a piece of the cake, while AR is already extremely big it hasn’t been around for a long time, look at the big impact it has already made and you’ll immediately see a future where everyone will have the possibility to use smart eyeglasses, it’s just a matter of time. If you remember the Metaverse controversy, it was based on wearing a mixed reality headset where everyone will be living in the virtual world, being separated slowly from the real world until a person doesn’t enjoy real life anymore, they’re not living anymore, while I was against that idea myself as its implications on the future of our society are extremely dangerous and evil, I have to note that many multi-billion dollar companies and celebrities hoped on the idea immediately and started investing millions of dollars of money to buy real estate in the Metaverse, this not only shows the limitless possibilities within augmented reality devices but also shows that one must be careful from the hidden intentions of these companies, they’re willing to invest a lot of money in this industry regardless of the consequences. Think of a future where everyone is wearing smart glasses instead of normal eyewear, having an AI virtual assistant on the go hands-free, listening to music with great awareness of outside surroundings, taking pictures with a single eye movement, and doing sorcery-like hand movements to navigate their private AR space, I sure do see that as a probable possibility.

Are Augmented Reality Glasses Worth It?

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Yes, although the price is expensive for most people, it’s crucial to note that the features of AR glasses keep growing and new traits appear every single year, take the immersive experiences built-in within your VR augmented reality glasses for example, no device can do that besides smart eyewear, or how APPLE augmented reality uses state of the art motion capture to track all your gestures easily and give you a magical experience. I would advise you to wait a little bit for the prices to lower as they’re way too expensive right now, but if you have money to spare, go for it, it’s worth it to buy some augmented reality goggles and start exploring other worlds and limitless possibilities. If for some reason the Metaverse headset still comes out in the future, that’s the only mixed-reality headset I wouldn’t advise you to buy, I’m a strong advocate against the Metaverse as its implications on our society are extremely bad (especially for people with mental health problems as the headset will only make them escape reality more and more falling into a tragic end), take it from me as an eyewear enthusiast, I love all the smart glasses out there but the metaverse headset.

What Are Some Upcoming Newly Established Companies Working On Mixed Reality Smart Glasses Tech?

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APPLE is taking the lead for new augmented reality glasses companies with its ‘APPLE Vison Pro’ smart glasses, it’s taking the game to a whole other level and I can’t wait to see what it brings to the table, from gesture tracking for eye and hand movements to the mixed reality built within the glasses. META is also making quality smart eyewear collaborating with the famous eyewear company RAY-BAN making smart glasses that allow you to take high-quality photos and 1080p videos without using your hands and live stream directly into your favorite social media app. LENOVO is making some premium smart glasses to further aid businesses in growing their productivity and reliability with the ‘LENOVO ThinkReality A3’ smart glasses. ‘MICROSOFT HoloLens 2’ mixed reality glasses help businesses solve complicated problems using intelligent apps to increase accuracy and output. One of the smart eyewear underrated brands is NREAL, this company makes high-quality lightweight glasses that fully immerse you within the virtual world and make sure every experience using their glasses is unforgettable. ROKID Max smart glasses are also great for people who want cheap augmented reality glasses that also bring great quality, they bring great quality visuals to the user allowing them to fully immerse within the virtual world. ARYZON Eyewear makes 3D AR carboards to maximize your education, work, and entertainment. There exist many other companies that make great-quality headsets and I already wrote articles about the best augmented reality devices in 2024 if you want to check them out.

What Is The Face Shape Suited For Augmented Reality Glasses?

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Face shape is very important in choosing regular eyewear, from oval glasses for oval-shaped and square faces, square glasses for heart face shapes, aviator glasses for oval and heart face shapes, round glasses for squared faces, and all kinds of different frames for different face sizes and shapes. Smart glasses specialize in that they suit almost every type of head size and shape, you can also choose different sizes and frame shapes when scrolling online to buy but overall there isn’t any real need to consult your head shape and size to wear a pair of augmented reality glasses.

How Much Are AR Glasses?

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AR glasses offer a wide variety and range of prices, the amount paid will correlate directly to the amount of quality you’ll get, and the return on investment is usually good for every type of smart eyewear. For an AR 3D cardboard it’s usually between 20 and 30 dollars, for smart eyeglasses it usually ranges in the 300-dollar realm but glasses like the LENOVO ThinkReality A3 smart glasses come for $1499.99, extremely expensive but of course worth the investment, mixed reality headsets such as the APPLE smart glasses cost $3499 which is more than double the price of the LENOVO glasses but as you already know, it’s well worth the price, if you find the price too expensive you can wait for the price to lower with hype slowing down. As you might have noticed, most augmented reality goggles are made for financially comfortable people, if you’re struggling to pay rent you’re not buying the APPLE augmented reality glasses neither are you buying the RAY-BAN x META glasses for $299, yes they might be feature-packed, but other priorities deserve to take your money, luxury smart eyewear is made for people that wouldn’t have a problem paying for them and that’s alright in the beginning, as time passes virtual reality headsets will be available to everyone and anyone with more companies joining the field and increasing competition.

When Was Augmented Reality Invented?

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Augmented reality was invented in 1986 by Ivan Sutherland who created a head-mounted device that displayed 3-dimensional images functioning as regular eyewear with 3D visuals, with time AR glasses grew to what we have with their many incredible features and traits, it sure does bring a tear to my eye seeing the development of smart eyewear and what it has achieved nowadays, keep in mind that smart glasses will only keep developing creating new jaw-dropping features and hopefully aiding our lives to achieve our goals faster and more easily.

Why Do Augmented Reality SDKs Support So Few Smart Glasses?

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First of all, SDKs are tools for third-party developers to produce applications using frameworks. Augmented reality SDKs support so few smart eyeglasses because there is no established standard for augmented reality eyewear, as time goes on, standards will be established and we will see a rise in smart glasses using SDKs.


Congratulations, if you have read through all of this article, then you’re an augmented reality eyewear expert now (allegedly), you have all the tools necessary to go out in the world and pick your favorite smart glasses to buy now, I have tried to include every little detail in this augmented reality glasses article so that you would possess every information necessary to buy the best AR glasses out there, make sure you bookmark this as a list to come back to every time you want to check out some augmented eyewear companies and the smart glasses they offer. My first time experiencing augmented reality glasses was approximately 5 years ago, I was -and still am- a huge fan of the famous Youtuber ‘Pewdiepie’, this man was making quality content and there was an era where he filmed loads of videos wearing augmented reality headsets, they were extremely funny as he would do all sorts of unexpected stuff using virtual reality and I consumed every second of it, I got interested in buying a pair of augmented reality glasses for myself and trying the VR world for the first time, and trust me, that was one of the most mindblowing experiences in my life, I was shocked at how vivid and real it was and I fell in love ever since then, remember the falling simulator where you would test your bravery and see if you can withstand falling from the top floor, remember the ‘Blade & Sorcery’ game with the Pewdiepie special “knee” attack, it brings back some good memories man, those were the days. I’m excited for the future of smart glasses as the devices are improving and developing more and more every single year, headsets that came out just 4 years ago now seem like old relics due to the extremely rapid development of AR glasses, we never know what would come out in the future, but I sure do hope it will change our world for the better! I have already made many articles discovering the best augmented reality glasses in 2023 and the best smart glasses below $200, make sure you check those out if you want to buy the best products currently in the market. You don’t want to miss it!

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