Exploring Crap Eyewear: Embracing Unique Aesthetics!

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Throughout my journey of searching for some of the best eyewear brands out there, I stumbled upon Crap Eyewear, an aesthetically pleasing independent brand that’s specialized in creating high-quality funky sunglasses. The name might say otherwise, but they design premium quality sunglasses, what specializes Crappy Eyewear is fashionable sunglasses made with earth-friendly materials, they distance themselves from the average boring eyewear market by making aesthetic and good-looking sunglasses that minimize our impact on the environment and make us look really good, Crap Eyewear NYC makes affordable sunglasses avoiding the heavy retail markup and providing many styles to choose from, they’ve been providing beautiful shades for nearly 15 years now and they’re not stopping anytime soon. In this article, I’ll get down to the nitty-gritty of Crap Sunglasses and show you the amazing features this underrated brand provides for you. Let’s hop in!

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What Is Crap Eyewear?

Let’s start from the beginning, almost 15 years ago in 2009, Crap Eyewear started as a joke in response to an overly serious and overpriced sunglasses market, it has since grown to an aesthetic independent eyewear brand aiming to make earth-friendly affordable sunglasses, they now work with the same factories and suppliers that luxury brands work with, Crap Glasses offer so many styles and looks to choose from and they manufacture premium quality glasses at a great price. Crap sunglasses’ lenses are high-clarity CR-39 lenses and of course, they provide 100% UVA and UVB protection so that your eyes remain safe from the sun’s harmful rays, CR-39 plastic lenses are the most common form of lenses as they’re durable, lightweight, and extremely clear. As for the frames, they’re handcrafted bio-acetate frames which is an eco-friendly version of plastic, it’s biodegradable, plant-based, and offers many benefits, such as high strength, more flexibility, and durability, Crap Eyewear sunglasses are RX-ready which means they can be used as prescription sunglasses. They also have stainless steel and optical-grade hardware that is strong and light, 5-barrel hinges which are also highly durable, and wire cores for added strength and superior fit. Environmental-wise, Crap Sunglasses is a certified carbon-neutral business and a member of 1% for the planet, two brands aiming for a better and more eco-friendly world, a beautiful goal indeed.

As for looks, I don’t think there is any brand more aesthetically pleasing than Crappy Eyewear, they have so many variations and styles for men and women, they offer polarized lenses, amber lenses, gradient, color tint, and many more. They also offer narrow, medium, and wide fits. As for the shapes, the brand manufactures classic, oval, round, square, and aviator ones. If you want to get compliments left and right, you have to get a couple of pairs from Crap Eyewear, I genuinely love their sunglasses as they kinda represent the vintage yet modern look, feeling good and fashionable and excelling at what you do, Crap Glasses have been known to support a variety of skaters and surfers, they also have Crap Eyewear Radio and a Spotify playlist so you can enjoy their favorite tunes.

What Is An Independent Brand?

Independent eyewear brands are ones made by a single individual, family, or a couple of friends to support their passion for making eyewear without the bitter corporate touch, the glasses are created in-house, manufactured, and retailed without corporate help. Independent brands offer unique and special stories, the glasses contain personal feelings and character which distinguish them from the usual eyewear market.

My Crap Eyewear Favorites

Now now, we’ll get to my personal Crappy Eyewear sunglasses and why I love them so much, if you’re going to buy any Crap Eyewear pair, I suggest you start by buying one of these. Don’t forget to click here if you want $20 off your first purchase!

Crap Eyewear: The Heavy Tropix

The Heavy Tropix are personally my favorite sunglasses, they come in 6 different colors with prices ranging from $89 to $109, these sunglasses look amazing on everyone and are adjustable for a more comfortable fit, they represent the heavy vibes out there, these shades are Crap Eyewear’s best-selling aviator and are very lightweight and durable. My favorite color is the Dark Tortoise Bio with Deep Rose lenses.

Crap Eyewear: The Lucid Blur

The Lucid Blur sunglasses are the best option for small, medium, and large head-sized individuals, their classic shape is a classic for people enjoying art and parties, these sunglasses come in 5 colors with prices also ranging from $89 to $109. My personal favorite is the Seaweed Tortoise Bio with Polarized G15 lenses.

Crap Eyewear: The Bikini Vision

The Bikini Vision sunglasses come in 3 colors with prices ranging from $99 to $119, they’re wider frames best-fit for medium to large heads. They embody Jared Mell‘s trademark to harness your inner beach child. My personal favorites are the Sunshine Demi Bio with Polarized Grapessed lenses.

Crap Eyewear: The Head Rattle

The Head Rattle sunglasses are undersized snug-fitting frames made for narrow and medium-sized heads, the main theme of these shades is speed and they come in 3 different colors with prices ranging from $89 to $99. My favorites are the Black Flames Bio with Grey lenses.

Crap Eyewear x The Marías: CINEMA Sunglasses

Following their collaboration with one of my favorite indie brands “The Marías”, Crap Eyewear created the CINEMA sunglasses, a medium-sized frame with thin adjustable temples for more comfortable wear, the shades are inspired by the brand’s record Cinema, they’re oval shaped with a silver screen, the sunglasses also contain signature Marías detailing and overall they’re great. They’re currently out of stock but I advise you to stay patient as Crap is probably cooking another partnership.

“Our very own CINEMA sunglasses to celebrate CINEMA’s one year! Side A in black and Side B in cream. This is a dreammmm come true as we’ve been wearing their sunglasses for the longest time.”
The Marías

Crap Eyewear x Emma Chamberlain: The Oliver

The OLIVER by Emma Chamberlain are sunglasses made for small to medium-sized heads, Crap Eyewear collaborated with the famous Youtube star Emma Chamberlain to make these aesthetic sunglasses, they come in 6 different options and have special Emma detailing, these shades are cat-eye shaped, they’re currently out of stock but stay tuned for a new batch!

Crap Eyewear

An Aesthetic Independence

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Crap Eyewear good?

I recommend Crap Eyewear to anyone looking for aesthetic timeless sunglasses, 10/10.

How does Crap Eyewear’s shipping work?

Crappy Eyewear offers free shipping on all domestic U.S. orders over $50, and a $5 shipping fee for orders under $50, orders take between 3 to 5 days to arrive. As for international shipping, Crap Glasses offers free shipping on orders over $75 and $10 for orders under $75, it takes 1 to 2 weeks for the order to arrive.

All orders ship from Los Angeles in the United States.

What is the return policy for Crap Eyewear?

Crap Eyewear offers free returns and exchanges for full refunds on all U.S. orders within a 14-day limit after purchase.

What is Crap Eyewear Afterpay?

Afterpay is a tool that allows you to pay a product’s price in four installments, you pay an installment every two weeks, it’s eligible for orders between $35 and $1000, and there are no additional fees.

Where to buy Crap Eyewear?

There are many Crap Eyewear stores and retailers all over America. Click here to find the right one for you.

Who owns Crap Eyewear?

Peter Nussbaum and Nick Potash are the founders of Crap Eyewear, which was founded in 2009.

Some brands & sunglasses like Crap Eyewear?

You can also check out Genusee, Akila, and Lexxola, more on these underrated brands in the upcoming articles!


Crap Eyewear is one of the most underrated sunglasses brands out there, I fell in love immediately after I checked out some of their sunglasses, they’re high-quality, fashionable, and funky, the timeless designs are worth every penny paid and I highly advise you to check them out, out of all the Crap Eyewear reviews out there, I think I did a good job showcasing every little detail of the brands and what I also like as a customer, I’m a fan and I’ll continue to be so as long as they don’t stop making quality glasses. Alongside Crap Eyewear, there are many other innovative brands such as Pair Eyewear, a brand that has revolutionized the eyewear market by making creative glasses, make sure you read the Pair Eyewear review to know more about this cool brand. You don’t want to miss it!

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