Top 8 Football Glasses for 2024: Enhanced Vision for the Beautiful Game!

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More than 600,000 eye injuries happen every year in America and that’s just sports-wise, 200,000 of those injuries concern children and kids. Many of these injuries occur while playing football as it’s such a high-contact sport, it’s crucial to keep our eyes and our children’s eyes well protected while playing sports, especially playing soccer, fortunately, 90% of eye injuries can be prevented just by wearing the suitable football eyeglasses and goggles. Today I’m presenting you with 9 of the best sports glasses for football in 2024, I’ll cover some famous brands out there as well as some underrated brands. Let’s hop in!

1. Sporty Shades: OAKLEY Oo9188

I have to start with the notorious OAKLEY Eyewear, these USA made premium sunglasses make sure your eyes are well protected while playing your high-intensity game of football, the thermoplastic O Matter stress-resistant frame is lightweight and highly durable, it is strong and flexible which is needed while playing soccer. The Oakley’s Plutonite lenses are coated to protect you from 100% of harmful sunlight (UVA, UVB, UVC) and harmful blue light up to 400mm, they’re comfortable, crystal clear, and impact-resistant, and of course, the OAKLEY special, PRIZM Lens Technology that enhances color, contrast, and detail to make the most of your football game, the lenses are also supported with ‘High Definition Optics’ for more clarity and better vision on the pitch. The glasses provide unobtanium ear socks that increase grip and nose pads for better comfort and performance.

Oakley Flak 2.0 Sunglasses

Premium Football Sunglasses

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2. Mirrored Brilliance: NIKE Show X Rush

If you want some cool football glasses to enhance your performance and looks, you have to go with NIKE Eyewear, these NIKE football glasses come with many benefits to be at your best. The lenses are tinted to enhance your ability to track objects while muting bright light, the 1-piece lens is crystal clear and makes sure you cover all areas of the field, the ‘Max Optics’ within the lens provide precise vision from all angles. As for the eco-friendly frame material, it’s derived from 45% castor bean oil, the sunglasses come with a floating nose pad to enhance airflow and absorb impact, and they also come with anti-fog ventilation holes to make sure you’re at your best in the field. Best of all, the top bar of the glasses can be snapped off for a distraction-free game or if things are heating up within the game.


Cool Sports Sunglasses

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3. Game-Ready Sunglasses: ADIDAS SP0008

You can’t mention NIKE without mentioning its fierce competitor, ADIDAS, they also make high-quality glasses for football players and if you’re an ADIDAS supporter, these sunglasses are for you, the glasses are made with a TR90 Plastic frame which is immensely durable, lightweight, and flexible. The hardware contains twelve holes for an anti-fog venting system to make sure you’re seeing everything in the worst conditions on the field, the temples and nose bridge have non-slip contact points to ensure a firm and comfortable experience. As for the lenses, they’re coated with anti-fog material to support your game and they make sure you’re 100% protected from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Adidas SP0008 Sunglasses

Cool Football Sunglasses

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4. Tactical Edge: WILEY X WX Valor

These WILEY X sunglasses may be primarily for combat and shooting, but they also fit well for football players, these glasses come with a polycarbonate frame to ensure extreme strength and durability and it’s pretty obvious as these glasses for soccer players are rated as ‘OSHA grade occupational protective eyewear’. They can be easily hand-washed for a cleaner and better game, and the dual-injected rubber nose pads are built into the frame for slip-free comfort and durability. The WILEY X sunglasses come with 3 interchangeable lenses to allow maximum light condition versatility, the shatterproof lenses contain layers of protection to ensure your eyes are safe playing those high-intensity games, and you’re 100% protected from the sun’s harmful rays, these cool football glasses are well ventilated and they make sure you’re at your best playing your favorite sport.

Wiley X WX Valor Polarized Tactical Sunglasses

Bulletproof Sports Sunglasses

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5. Clear Vision, Safe Play: PELLOR

Goggles are also a good option to protect your eyes during soccer games, they might not be as fashionable as the other options but they do their job. The PELLOR sports goggles for football come with a nylon frame that is strong and highly durable, they’re adjustable to your head circumference for a comfortable experience avoiding any unexpected fall of your goggles. These sports goggles come with windproof and anti-fog glass lenses so you can see the goal in front of you and score your goal, they’re also scratch-resistant to minimize your eye injuries. The nose pads are made with a silicone wear pad to easily disassemble and resemble the pair. You can install your prescription lenses to have your perfect prescription football goggles and play at your best every game.

PELLOR Sports Protective Goggles

Sports Protective Goggles

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6. Elite Eye Protection: UNDER ARMOUR Youth UA Playmaker Jr.

UNDER ARMOUR also offers great sports glasses for football players, the sunglasses come with a TR90 frame to ensure a lightweight, durable, and flexible pair of glasses, they’re also hypoallergenic to make sure everyone is comfortable wearing these sunglasses on the field. The rubber nose pads are slip-free and adjustable for every head measurement. The lenses come with a UV coating to ensure 100% protection from ultraviolet light, an oleophobic coating to avoid fingerprints and other dirty particulates, and a laser-etched logo to make sure you have the original UNDER ARMOUR football sunglasses, the view is clear and you can assist as many players as you want on the field.

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7. Safeguarding Vision: ANDUX LQYJ-01

Now for another great prescription sports goggles for football, we have ANDUX Eyewear, the goggles contain a polycarbonate frame for strong and durable use and they can easily be adjusted for firm wear. The top and sides of the goggles contain ventilation holes to ensure a fog-free experience, they can also filter fine sand. The nose pads are made with soft gel to ensure great comfort. As for the lenses, they are also made from polycarbonate material to ensure protection against high-impact and collisions, these goggles are extremely durable and can offer great wear for a great price.

Andux Soccer Protective Eyewear

Protective Soccer Goggles

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8. Anti-Fog Clarity: ”N/A” Kids

Now for the perfect children’s football glasses, we have “N/A” Eyewear, these kid’s sports goggles come with polycarbonate lenses that are strong and durable and offer good light transmission and heat resistance. The nose pads and temples are made with soft gel material to make sure you’re extremely comfortable while doing your best on the pitch. The headband is easily adjustable to make it fit all head sizes. These youth football glasses are perfect for your kids to make sure they’re well protected, whether they’re a boy or a girl now they can go out there playing their favorite sports while avoiding eye injuries and performing well on the pitch.

''N/A'' Kids Sports Glasses

Kids Football Goggles

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Wearing glasses while playing football might be a bit uncomfortable for some people, but it’s nevertheless essential to do so as it reduces our risk of eye injury by quite a lot, I used to play football a lot when I was younger and you probably know how many injuries an average individual gets just playing one soccer game, it’s a fun sport but its high-impact and high-pressure factors can damage even the best of us, football safety glasses are crucial for a better soccer journey and they’re also stylish so you can play football at your best look, looking good automatically adds to your confidence which translates to better performances on the pitch, more goals, more assists and more games as a starter. Like they say, “Can you do it on a cold rainy night in Stoke?”, well yeah, you can now by wearing one of these football eyeglasses. Today I have covered the best soccer glasses out there but rest assured, I’ll cover all types of sports eyewear in the upcoming articles. If you’re interested in knowing the best basketball glasses out there as well, make sure you check this article now. You don’t want to miss it!

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