Finding Your Perfect Glasses: Your Complete Eyewear Guide!

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64% of people worldwide wear eyeglasses which means the chances of you wearing glasses are higher than the chances of you just strolling through life without eyewear, and it’s not necessarily only prescription glasses as you might want to elevate your style and wear a pair of fashionable sunglasses, or you might want to protect yourself from exterior dangers in the workplace with a pair of premium safety glasses, or you might even want to discover a new immersive world using augmented reality glasses, the options for eyewear are endless and choosing the right glasses for yourself might be a bit complicated as many factors play a big role in choosing the right spectacles, ranging from the different glasses frames, lenses, shapes, colors, and many other factors that play an essential role in allowing you to choose the perfect glasses for you and your preferences, you might be currently lost looking for the next best glasses or the ones that would suit you best, and that might demotivate you a bit as hitting the nail on the coffin every time you’re looking to buy new spectacles is a bit difficult, the eyewear industry is saturated with cheap-quality glasses and you should be careful when choosing your desired sunglasses, but the good thing is that premium quality brands also exist and they make sure you’re getting the best quality out there, putting customer satisfaction at first then making profits second, from independent eyewear brands to luxurious brands, you will find it all, that’s why in this eyewear article I’ll make sure I lay out a specific detailed guide for you to choose the best eyewear possible and how you can go on your glasses shopping spree with ease of mind. Let’s hop in!

Different Glasses Shapes

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Oval Faces

Oval face shapes tend to be longer with a narrow jawline, and they need glasses that would balance out the proportional features, round glasses are perfect for oval faces as they offer a soft touch to the sharp features and allow for an immensely aesthetic look adding to your attractiveness that much more, aviator and square glasses are also a good option to wear for this face shape.

Round Faces

Round faces tend to be softer on the sides with the cheekbones being the widest part of your face, and angular frames such as square, rectangular, and browline glasses would perfectly suit round faces as they add a sharp and precise touch to the softer features allowing for a more attractive look, geometric and cat-eye glasses are also a great option for this face shape.

Square Faces

Square faces tend to have a sharp jawline and the facial features are about the same length as the width which makes oval and round glasses perfect for this face shape, being the complete opposite, these glasses offer an intricate and beautiful balance for your features and make sure you look the best you can.

Triangle-Shaped Faces

Triangle-shaped faces tend to be long with a strong jawline and a narrow forehead and cheekbones, and as for rectangular face shapes, oval sunglasses tend to be perfect for triangle faces as they compliment the angular features with a softer touch of curved frames allowing for an eye-pleasing look.

Heart-Shaped Faces

Heart-shaped faces tend to have a wide forehead with a more narrowed chin and higher cheekbones, oval and aviator eyeglasses are the perfect option for this face shape as they add a touch of softness and curve to the sharp elements and allow for a more aesthetic look.

Diamond-Shaped Faces

Diamond-shaped faces tend to have a narrower forehead and chin with wider cheekbones, round and cat-eye glasses are perfect for this face shape as they add more balance to the sharp features and make sure they’re softer resulting in an aesthetically pleasing look.

Different Glasses Colors

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Cool Skin Tones

For cool skin tones, wearing eyeglasses with cool-toned frames such as blue frames, green, pink, magenta, purple, and all shades of these colors is advised.

Neutral Skin Tones

For neutral skin tones, every color would suit you from cool-toned glasses to warm-toned glasses, you can rock every type of frame color there is.

Warm Skin Tones

For warm skin tones, wearing eyeglasses with warm-toned frames like red frames, orange, yellow, and all shades of these colors is advised.

Different Glasses For Each Activity

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Classic Eyewear

Classic glasses are your standard eyewear that everyone uses, they come in two different types, prescription eyeglasses for people who have vision problems and they range from progressive prescription glasses to single-vision prescription glasses, they’re relative to your visual needs and what you’re comfortable with. Secondly, we have normal fashionable glasses worn to add to a person’s looks and attractiveness, they come in many forms and they’re related to a person’s style and the look they want to achieve, luxurious sunglasses for the luxurious look, independent glasses for a unique look, vintage eyeglasses for a vintage look, modern sunglasses for a modern look, and many more styles to achieve any look you want. It’s advised to buy premium glasses for a more comfortable, sleek look, and the durability traits allow them to stay in your wardrobe for years to come.

Sports Protective Eyewear

Sports glasses are the perfect option for athletes and anyone who practices some sport, they’re essential to protect your eyes from eye injuries as sports-related injuries could make lose your vision abilities permanently, and it’s dangerous to go out in the field, and risk an elbow or sports ball hitting your pupils with extreme speed. Premium sports eyewear brands make sure they craft shatterproof strong sports goggles that protect your eyes from all kinds of dangers and threats rendering you safe while playing your favorite sport. It’s advised to wear polycarbonate or acetate sports eyeglasses as they’re the toughest and most durable material in the industry.

Smart Eyewear

If you want to discover a new world where you will be fully immersed in your favorite movie or video game, then high-quality smart eyewear is for you, augmented reality glasses allow you to do so many things regular eyewear is not able to provide such as taking photos and videos hands-free, listening to music, answering calls and meetings, playing your favorite video games, watching your favorite shows and movies, having access to data that will help you become better, having access to a virtual AI assistant on the go such as ChatGPT or Siri, and many more incredible traits that will render your smart sunglasses unique from the rest. Smart Eyewear is a great option but it’s still in the early phases of development so you might want to wait a bit before getting your pair of smart glasses.

Different Glasses Styles

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Rectangle Glasses

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Rectangular glasses have wider lenses and rounded corners, they’re shaped like a rectangle and are the perfect simple choice for people with oval, diamond, and round faces adding to their looks and attractiveness.

Aviator Glasses

photo of aviator glasses

Aviator sunglasses were first meant to be worn by pilots under their headgear protecting their eyes fully from the sun’s harmful rays, but they were made popular when worn by the famous actor Tom Cruise in the iconic movie “Top Gun”. These glasses are a fashionable and cool option for most people. The Pilot glasses practically suit every shape and head size there is so anyone can wear them.

Browline Glasses

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Browline glasses are specialized with the frame covering only the top of the lens like an eyebrow over your eye, they’re a statement of an intellectual and philosophical mind and suit square-shaped heads perfectly, they’re my favorite option as well.

Square Glasses

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Square glasses are made in a square shape and perfectly suit people with square and rectangular shapes, they can emphasize your sharp strong facial features and make you look much better.

Round Glasses

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Windsor glasses are a unique option as they’re specialized with round lenses and frames, they perfectly suit people with rectangular or oval head shapes and specifically unique head shapes, they represent a vintage timeless look.

Cat-Eye Glasses

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Similar to Browline glasses, Upswept glasses are curved on the top of the frame with the rest being rectangular exaggerating a vintage and fashionable look, Cat-Eye glasses are perfect for people with heart-shaped or triangular faces and are usually a girl’s choice as they’re incredibly cute.

Oval Glasses

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Oval glasses are shaped similarly to round lenses but with a taller version, they represent the professional look and suit rectangular and square-faced heads perfectly allowing for a better showing of the sharp facial features.

Geometric Glasses

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For the most versatility within your eyeglasses, Angular glasses are perfect as they come in many shapes and forms such as Hexagonal and Octagonal lenses, they practically suit almost all types of head shapes such as oval, diamond, and square shapes, they’re the perfect retro and bold look.

Oversized Glasses

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Oversized glasses are just that, oversized, they are wider and bigger forms of glasses and are especially unique, they’re perfect for oval faces for facial feature enhancements and more attractive glasses.


Buying eyewear from the internet can be quite the challenge as so many things stand in the way of an easy simple shopping experience, having an eyewear guide such as the one written above is one thing I could do for you to make your experience is simpler and faster, no one has the time to spend hours on end to choose the perfect glasses for them and that causes people to choose shades that might not suit them extremely quickly, buying a good pair of sunglasses takes careful considerations and that is the whole purpose of this eyewear article, to carefully and deliberately choose eyeglasses that will stay with you for a long time and add a meaningful touch to your life, many eyewear companies exist from ones making absolute quality glasses to ones making average cheap-quality ones, it’s important to choose a handful of eyewear companies that will accompany you throughout your shopping experience, getting your glasses from brands with a genuine and good message will add a touch of uniqueness to your eyewear and make you all that more proud of your pair, ranging from brands that provide free glasses for people in need when you buy from them allowing you to help out and make a small change in the world, to eyewear brands that focus on making eyeglasses with eco-friendly materials allowing you to take part in rendering our environment and world better, instead of just buying normal eyeglasses you can take part in helping our world and society by getting a pair of high-quality glasses with a deep message behind the brand. Now that you have learned the essential basics to get the pair of glasses that perfectly suits you, knowing all the different parts of glasses such as lenses and frames is essential for an even better purchase, it’s also great to expand your mind knowing these pieces of information, make sure you read this article now. You don’t want to miss it!

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