Master Your Look: The Top 9 Sunglasses Brands Elevating Men’s Fashion in 2024!

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Upon choosing the best sunglasses brands for men in 2024, we have to consider the fact that the sun emits three types of UV light. Ultraviolet A (UVA), Ultraviolet B (UVB), and Ultraviolet C (UVC), and, not so fun fact, a person’s prolonged exposure to UV light may cause his eyes to worsen over time, become blurry, and even develop cancer! Even worse, not many people know that most sunglasses only protect you from one type of UV light, which will probably lead to the damage stated above, that’s why it’s important to choose a high-quality pair of sunglasses with 100% UV protection, and while that is important on its own, it’s also crucial to choose sunwear that will improve your looks and make you more attractive, two birds one stone! In this article, we’ll discover the best ten shades brands for men in 2024. Let’s hop in!

1. Effortless Style: CHARMANT Sunglasses

Being known as one of the leading frame producers in the eyewear industry, the Japanese company CHARMANT Eyewear has to be included in this list. They provide some of the best titanium frames in the whole world and they’ve been in production since 1956! Among their many brands, we find EDDIE BAUER, a modern fashionable brand that specializes in making beautiful sunglasses for a more focused view during your outdoor experiences in nature, it’s for the highly active man and would make you look all that much better.

CHARMANT’s EDDIE BAUER sunglasses are lightweight, very comfortable, and very high quality which matches the price point, The sides are flexible, and the design is stylish and modern, they’re the perfect match for protecting your eyes and looking good at the same time, you don’t have to worry about looking nerdy with these shades on, I was afraid of people assuming such things about me at first, but with CHARMANT Eyewear, fear no more!

Eddie Bauer 32606p Polarized Sunglasses

Effortlessly Looking Good

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2. Go Green: BLUE PLANET Sunglasses

As an ambassador for making our world a better place, BLUE PLANET Eyewear makes sure you look good, your eyes are protected, and even better, our earth is protected! They make unique sunglasses with recycled and natural materials, reducing waste substantially. They also donate a pair of corrective glasses to a person in need each time one of their glasses is sold, furthermore, they volunteer at local communities each month and overall make the world better!

Quality-wise, BLUE PLANET offers a wide variety of shades, I already have 3 pairs and I’m not planning to stop anytime soon, the quality of these shades matches their price, they’re very lightweight and you can wear them all day without even noticing, my eyes are well protected in the sun and I feel way more confident and attractive, one of my biggest problems with sunglasses and eyewear is the tension around my ears and feeling uncomfortable after wearing them for two hours or so, these problems are solved with the BLUE PLANET eco sunglasses as they’re very comfortable to wear.

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3. Uniquely Funky: CRAP Sunglasses

Now if you’re aiming to look different whilst still looking good, look no further than CRAP Eyewear, I must say, this company is very unique, I love their styles as they’re funky and fashionable, and their goal is to produce fashionable and reasonably priced eyewear, their products are earth friendly, and the sunglasses are very durable and can last you for years to come!

Of course, the quality is super high, and the brand puts huge importance on protecting your eyes from UV light, they make sure your eyes are safe and you look good, they offer a huge variety of styles and each one is better than the other! CRAP Eyewear’s Sunglasses are a bit high priced but the quality justifies that, most importantly, they’re functional and don’t get in the way of doing things like most sunglasses do, I get loads of compliments when I wear these shades, it makes me feel more confident and better about myself!

Crap Eyewear

An Aesthetic Independence

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4. Luxury Redefined: ERKERS Sunglasses

Founded in 1879, ERKERS Eyewear has been known for its high-quality luxurious sunglasses, they’re always striving to provide you with the best quality for the best price, their shades offer 100% UV protection and will make you the best-looking person in the room, they possess a variety of styles and almost all of them look beautiful.

In my personal experience, the price was a bit high but it was worth it, the glasses are comfortable and they don’t feel cheap at all, given that some shades feel cheap when they’re really expensive, the weight is perfect and there is no heavy tension around the ears, what specializes ERKERS Eyewear from the other brands in this list is the luxurious aspect, feeling modern yet vintage at the same time, I would highly recommend for anyone looking for some luxury with high quality and effort.

5. Productivity in Style: IMAGEWEAR Sunglasses

This one is for the productive folks out there, have you ever wondered if you can have your eyeglasses and sunglasses in the same pair? Well, worry not, IMAGEWEAR Eyewear’s brand ‘REVOLUTION’ provides you with the best solution for that, Their eyewear comes with magnetic sunglasses clips that attach to your normal glasses! The company is innovative and embraces differences, I admire that.

These are by far the most unique and productive set of shades in the world, you can easily clip your sunglass to your eyewear on the go, whether you’re driving and the sun is trying to sabotage you or you’re going to the beach and can’t be bothered bringing two different pairs of glasses with you, this is the perfect solution for that.

6. Style that Fits Every Budget: EIGHT TO EIGHTY Sunglasses

This is for the people looking for cheap prescription sunglasses whilst still having that classy look, EIGHT TO EIGHTY Eyewear will make sure you have that, it provides you with a sophisticated appearance and it sure does protect your eyes from the sun’s UV rays, the company’s slick designs and fashionable looks will add to your self-esteem and make you feel great. EIGHT TO EIGHTY’s fresh designs and frames can be adjusted so you can fit them perfectly around your ears, they’re very comfortable and best of all, very affordable.

Given that the brands above usually offer high-priced eyewear, I’ve included EIGHT TO EIGHTY Eyewear due to their affordability and high quality, they have a brand called ‘Affordable Designs’, that says it all, it usually takes a lot of time and work to find a company that produces cheap yet good quality shades, so I’ve done the hard work for you, this is it.

7. Embrace Modern Elegance: HILLMAN Sunglasses

You’ve probably heard about this rising Mexican company, HILLMAN Eyewear, They’ve been blowing up on Tiktok and Instagram lately, HILLMAN offers limited edition high-quality sunglasses, by being limited edition, they make sure all the shades are made with utmost care and attention to detail, I love the designs and frames and I also love their content on social media platforms, it portrays the brand perfectly.

I must say though, the price is for people with a high budget, they usually offer products ranging in the thousands of dollars on their website, of course, this is a luxury product made with the best materials on the market, its polycarbonate and category 3 lenses provide 100% UV400 protection and of course, they’re really comfortable, I also like their 3×2 offer where you can buy 3 frames for only the price of 2! I know, they are using their sneaky marketing strategies but it’s a win-win regardless so I don’t mind.

8. Elevate with Value and Style: KERING Sunglasses

The first thing that comes to your mind when I mention a high-value man is a handsome guy wearing classy clothes and a head-turning pair of sunglasses, MYKERING Eyewear will make you that top 1% type of man, they possess a portfolio containing 17 of the best luxury eyewear brands out there, I’m talking GUCCI, CARTIER, LINDBERG, BALENCIAGA, MAUI JIM, MONTBLANC, BOTTEGA VENETA, PUMA, SAINT LAUREN, and many more!

Of course, these are luxurious top brands that not many people can afford, but the quality is a guarantee, your eyes are well protected against UV light and you’ll have the most comfortable pair of sunglasses you’ve ever worn, if you’re looking to complete your look as the high-value man you are then you should buy a pair MYKERING sunglasses, there’s a reason they manufacture for so many worldwide known brands.

Gucci GG0141S Sunglasses

The High-Value Look

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9. Classic Elegance Redefined: NIFTIES Sunglasses

This one is for the people struggling to find fitting sunglasses due to their small facial features, I know, it’s a hassle to look for high-quality eyewear and not find the right size for yourself, but NIFTIES Eyewear provides you with the solution for that, instead of wearing kid’s glasses from now on, this brand provides you with aesthetically pleasing eyewear for your small facial features.

I must say, their frames are very beautiful, ranging from elegant to sophisticated to classic looks, The frames are durable and made with high-quality materials, They offer a wide variety of styles and colors and they all look extraordinary, NIFTIES focuses on enhancing your facial features and making you look even better!


While it’s necessary to choose high-quality sunglasses that will protect you from the sun’s ultraviolet rays (UVA) & (UVB), it’s equally as important to choose eyeglasses that will make you look attractive and up your fashion a notch, The brands mentioned above are easily some of the best eyewear manufacturers for men in 2024, as you’ve noticed, each brand is unique and different from the next one, nowadays too many sunglasses look the same and companies pretty much don’t make much effort to innovate and get ahead of the competition, but these brands do, you’ll surely find your cup of tea above and trust me, while other people are still buying basic sunglasses that don’t even fully protect their eyes yet alone make them look attractive, you’re out here buying the best sunglasses for men on the market, enjoying the safety given for your eyes and being ahead of the fashion game! If you have enjoyed this article and its eyewear brands, then you will surely find some hidden gems with the best celebrity glasses out there, make sure you check the article now. You don’t want to miss it!

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