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Pair Eyewear is one of the most exciting brand concepts my eyes have met since I started looking into eyeglasses and sunglasses. The eyewear industry has become one of my biggest passions, and I’m so happy to see brands such as these trying new creative techniques and innovating the eyewear market. I’m sure you got bored of the same glasses being worn by everybody. Yes, wearing a good-looking pair of glasses that adds to your aesthetic is always nice, but it’s about time brands started coming up with new ideas to spice up the industry and improve it. This is a review of Pair Eyewear, and down below I’ll introduce you to a revolutionary concept made by a great brand, and of course, I’ll answer all the questions that might come up as you’re reading. Let’s hop in!

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What Is Pair Eyewear?

Are you ever tired of wearing the same eyeglasses day in and day out, well I certainly do, even if you’re wearing the best sunglasses in the market. With time it becomes dull. We’re creatures that despise routine and doing/wearing the same things every single day, but even though we get tired of wearing the same eyeglass frames every day, it’s too much work to look for a new pair of sunglasses, find something you like and probably spend $200 for it to get bland after wearing it for a while. Pair Eyewear is the perfect solution for this annoying problem, They’re a company that created a very interesting and innovative idea for eyeglasses, Instead of buying a new pair of frames every time you got bored of the previous one, which would require you to spend a lot of time and money looking for new eyeglass frames, Pair Eyewear created a solution that allows you to only buy one pair of prescription or normal glasses for $54, then you can buy different frames that magnetically attach to that same pair every time for only $20!

Pair Eyewear offers prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses for men, women, and kids. It offers a huge variety of frames to attach to your pair of eyeglasses, ranging from different colors to different themes such as Halloween, Sports, Movies, Art, and many other collections!

What I love about this company is that they also do acts of kindness and charity, Pair Eyewear works with Eyelliance to give out a pair of prescription glasses to a child in need every time a pair of eyeglasses is bought from their website, their slogan is ”A Pair, for a Pair”, I admire that and I wish more companies would develop the same ways to not only help themselves and their customers but also help people that genuinely deserve help, people in need.

How Does Pair Eyewear Work?

Pair eyeglasses work in a very interesting and simple way, you buy a pair of glasses from the company, then whenever you get bored of the pair you bought, you buy a new pair of frames for $20 and attach it to the pair you already have, the way you attach it is very simple, just put the new frames on the old ones and it will magnetically attach! It’s very simple and easy, you won’t have any difficulties attaching new frames to your pair of eyeglasses and the best part is that it’s very cheap! You’ll have the ability to enjoy different pairs of frames every time you want, looking good and embracing change, choosing from a wide variety of cool and aesthetic frames, and wearing lightweight high-quality glasses for the rest of your life while other people are wearing the same basic eyeglasses everyone wears.

Pair Eyewear additionally offers ultra-thin lenses with many options:

Blue Light Filtering Lenses: Perfect for people spending too much time in front of screens, (that would be me lol).

Progressive Lenses: Perfect for people looking for Bifocals’ alternatives.

Light Responsive Lenses: Perfect for people avoiding sun sabotages, these lenses switch from clear to dark when outside.

Sun Lenses: Perfect sunglasses for people who want 100% UV sunlight protection. They’re also polarized and scratch-resistant for the messy people out there.

Is Pair Eyewear Legit?

Absolutely, from my personal experience I have tried their products. I can conclude the glasses’ quality in one phrase: ”You get what you pay for”, Pair sunglasses are thankfully not a scam, even though the message they’re portraying might sound too good to be true. Still, it is true, the only inconvenience I’ve had with the company is slow customer service, I hope they’re working on that because it is annoying, apart from that everything was perfect, the company is also FSA & HSA-eligible which is nice, shipping is free for products over $45 which is great! we would recommend buying and seeing if you like the glasses. If you don’t then you have the ability to return them free of charge within 30 days, there’s no harm in trying!

Pair Eyewear

A Revolutionary Brand

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pair Eyewear Good?

Based on my review and many other reviews, it’s great! It’s a unique alternative to your other sunglasses and eyeglasses. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a twist on their eyewear collection!

Does Pair Eyewear Do Bifocals?

Pair Eyewear unfortunately doesn’t offer bifocals but it does provide a modern alternative, progressive lenses starting from $199! The eyewear industry is embracing progressive lenses as they’re the future of the industry, if you’ve never tried them before you should, maybe they’ll suit you better, but you never know until you try!

Does Pair Eyewear Take Insurance?

Pair Eyewear doesn’t work directly with any insurance company but they are HSA & FSA eligible, and you can also submit reimbursement forms to an insurance company.

How Long Does Pair Eyewear Take To Ship?

The whole process of processing and shipping Pair Eyewear’s glasses takes about 8 to 14 days depending on what province you live in.

Where Is Pair Eyewear Located?

Since Pair Eyewear is an American eyeglasses company, its headquarters are in New York, NY.

Where Does Pair Eyewear Ship From?

Pair Eyewear sunglasses and eyeglasses are shipped from the same city where the company is located, New York, NY.

Is Pair Eyewear Sold In Stores?

Unfortunately, Pair Eyewear is an online retailer, and as far as I know, it only sells its products online.


Pair Eyewear reviews have been done before by many websites, and the reason is obvious, this is a revolutionary concept that got people such as me excited and it surely does fulfill its promise, The innovation, the idea, and the creativity behind the brand are to be admired, the concept is a win-win for both the company and the customer. Pair Eyewear has been growing and has been seeing a lot of success since appearing on the ‘Shark Tank’ show. Many underrated brands in the eyewear industry don’t get much spotlight, but rest assured, I’ll shine a light on so many different cool brands and how they’re innovating the market and working to become the next best thing, being one of the most unique and aesthetic underrated brands out there, Crap Eyewear is making extremely fashionable eyewear that is to be admired, make sure you read the article now to discover your next favorite eyewear company. You don’t want to miss it!

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