Top 9 Blue Light-Blocking Glasses In 2024: Protect Your Vision with Style!

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Blue light-blocking glasses are one of the most innovative concepts created these last couple of years in the eyewear industry, If you’re just like me, spending a lot of time in front of screens (laptop at home, computer at work, phone everywhere you go, television and many more tech), you have to get some high-quality durable blue light glasses, the average screen usage of an American adult is 7 hours and 4 minutes, that’s absurdly a lot, and as with anything, the blue light from screens comes with great dangers, eye strains -blurry vision, dry eyes, headaches, fatigue, and many more signs are a major symptom of having too much screen time. Unfortunately, most people need screens for work and personal matters, While we can’t eliminate our screen usage, we can at least wear a pair of high-quality blue-light-blocking glasses that would protect us from the great dangers of prolonged screen time, one of my best decisions was to start using these glasses before sleeping, I feel way better now and I’m not scared of waking up one day with permanent blurry vision, in this article I will discover the 9 best blue screen glasses out there in 2024 and which pair of eyeglasses would be perfect for you. Let’s hop in!

1. Enhanced Gaming: GUNNAR Razer & GUNNAR Riot Blue Light Glasses

Here’s one for the fellow gamers out there, Ironically, gamers probably spend way more time in front of screens than regular people who just use them for work and leisure do, First of all, unless you’re a professional gamer, if you’re spending too much time playing video games get off the couch and start enjoying nature and real life, it’s good for your mental health, it’s also important to choose high-quality blue light blocker glasses that will protect you from the screen’s harmful light.

As the pioneer of blue light filtering technology and gaming eyewear, GUNNAR OPTIKS presents you with the perfect eyeglasses for your gaming journey, The GUNNAR Riot and Razer eyeglasses are made with Polycarbonate frames and lenses that are lightweight, comfortable, and very durable (the same material used in a bulletproof glass!), they will give you the edge over your competition enhancing your abilities, they’re the perfect match for anyone spending prolonged periods in front of computers playing video games or working, GUNNAR’s gaming blue light glasses protect you from 65% of the light emitted from screens, enjoying the safety of your eyes and having fun.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

2. Digital Eye Strain Defense: CYXUS Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If you’re looking for blue light lenses with high-quality frames, look no further than CYXUS’s blue light glasses, The company provides you with a premium Polycarbonate square frame and lenses that are incredibly light, a strong and thick hinge, and overall a high-quality lightweight pair of eyeglasses, they’re specifically designed for people such as me sitting in front computers for too long, they promote eye health, avoiding eye strains and such symptoms that might hinder your productivity and rentability, it’s all about maximizing your input in this day and age while maintaining a good and healthy lifestyle, CYXUS’s blue light-blocking glasses do that for you perfectly, they’re cheap affordable blue light glasses that won’t make you go bankrupt because you want to protect your eyes, CYXUS Eyewear is overall the go-to company for the majority of people.

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3. Nash Glasses for Digital Wellness: FELIX GRAY Glasses

FELIX GRAY’s Nash eyeglasses are for the casual people out there, nothing screams nerdy more than wearing ugly glasses that protect you from blue light but offer no protection against abuse, FELIX GRAY’s blue light glasses will grant you the casual look whilst feeling comfortable with your pair, looking attractive and getting compliments left and right, the lenses are so clear that you will probably forget you’re wearing them on, a lightweight sturdy casual pair of eyeglasses that will make you more effective doing your work and completely get rid of headaches.

The hand-finished Italian acetate frames are durable, flexible, and comfortable, add to that the CR-39 lenses with their crystal-clear visibility and incredible durability and you have got yourself one of the best blue light glasses currently on the market!

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4. The Rb3548 Hexagonal Style: RAY-BAN Glasses

If you’ve ever looked to buy eyeglasses online you would’ve definitely stumbled upon the famous company RAY-BAN, they’re known for their quality stylish glasses and people buy them a lot despite the high price, well, RAY-BAN also manufactures stunning blue light glasses, and it’s my duty to provide you with the best brands and glasses out there. Despite offering the same blue light protection as its cheaper alternatives, what specializes RAY-BAN’s hexagonal glasses is the fact that they not only protect you from the computer’s light, but they also protect you from the sun’s ultraviolet light -UVA/UVB/UVC- and make sure you’re well protected against all kinds of harmful lights, the eyeglasses are made with lightweight PC lenses for amazing clarity and the beauty and elegance of the pair is also something worth writing about, as a bonus they add to your attractiveness while protecting you, two birds one stone.

Ray-Ban Hexagonal Eyeglasses

Blue-Light Blocking Glasses

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5. Shield Your Vision from Blue Light: UVEX Skyper Glasses

UVEX Skyper’s blue light glasses might look a bit futuristic and weird, but they sure do work, you’ll probably just wear these at home but that’s the perfect timing for them, Amber blue light glasses are made to be worn a couple of hours before bed, we have evolved as species to only see colors such as orange and yellow (sunset, candles, fire) which are naturally dim before sleeping, these colors help our mind produce melatonin which is a hormone made in darkness, it helps with the circadian rhythm and improves our sleep-quality, making us sleep earlier and better, blue blight blocks the production of melatonin in the brain which will ultimately reduce our sleep quality.

That’s why UVEX’s blue light-blocking glasses are the best option to use when at home, they fit close to your eyes to avoid any trespassing of light, the nose bridge is molded so you can wear them for hours with no discomfort, and the lenses are easily replaceable and they provide amazing clarity, the earpieces can be adjusted to fit different head lengths so you don’t have to worry about buying small eyeglasses!

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6. Banish Strain with Blue Light Defense: KENZHOU Glasses

Dry eyes can be one of the most annoying symptoms caused by blue light, having watery eyes whilst working on something important is just not it, add to that the bad posture resulting from poor vision due to blurry eyes and prolonged use of screens and you get yourself the worst night-time working experience ever. KENZHOU’s computer glasses make sure you avoid these problems and work your way through the night comfortably and efficiently, enjoying the freedom of the night and the peace of your eyes.

KENZHOU’s blue light-blocking glasses provide you with two pairs for half the price to avoid problems throughout your work journey, if one breaks for whatever reason, you still have another pair of glasses, and you can also switch between the two pairs to avoid the dullness of only wearing the same pair of eyewear every single day, the frames are stylish and the lens also protects you from electromagnetic wave radiation and UV glare, if anything, KENZHOU is underpricing their eyeglasses so everyone can have the ability to protect their eyes from the harmful rays.

Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

Two Pairs Of Blue-Light Glasses

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7. Kylian Mbappé Signature Series Unleashed: OAKLEY Glasses

Now to mention one of my favorite brands in the eyewear industry, we have OAKLEY’s blue light computer glasses, you can choose any type of eyeglasses from their website and select the OAKLEY Blue Ready lenses that provide a filter against blue and violet light, we have chosen the Mbappé Signature glasses because they’re very fancy and attractive, add some blue ready lenses to the frame and you’re ready to go, the frame is made with Matter™ material that is highly durable and provides a lot of comfort.

You can include your prescription details to have some high-quality prescription computer glasses built on your precise vision needs, OAKLEY Eyewear provides single and progressive lenses and all you need to do is import the details of your prescription to the site and you’re good to go.

Favorite Option
Oakley Deadbolt Titanium Sunglasses

Mbappé's Signature Blue-Light Sunglasses

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8. Stylish Defense for Eyes: TIJN Glasses

Many solutions exist to protect our eyes from blue light, from which people use apps that turn their screens yellowish at night, while that might help, it’s better to use those apps with the addition of high-quality blue light glasses, TIJN Eyewear produces cute blue light glasses that block 100% of harmful rays and prevent the bad symptoms of blue light, you’ll no longer have to squeeze your eyes during the night to focus, destroy your posture and look like a gremlin just to finish your work while neglecting your health.

TIJN’s blue light glasses provide strong and lightweight frames, yellow-tinted lenses, and are abrasion-resistant which means they can sustain rubbing and friction without much damage, if by any means the frames break, you can buy a new pair and easily replace the lenses by the ones you were using! These glasses will allow you to spend prolonged periods of computer usage without having any problems, binge-watching your favorite series at night while being completely safe and cozy.

TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Fashionable Blue-Light Glasses

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9. Shield Your Eyes, Stay Focused: FONHCOO Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Last but not least, we have FONHCOO’s blue light glasses, while many eyeglasses for computer use tend to change the color of your surroundings due to tinted lenses, these glasses make sure you have clear vision and the colors stay the same, they do have a slight yellow tint but it’s barely noticeable compared to other brands, made with strong polycarbonate lenses and lightweight frames so you don’t have much pressure on your nose and you can wear them for a long period.

FONHCOO Eyewear makes sure you also stay fashionable and gorgeous, making heads turn wherever you go, most brands just make sure you’re protected and that’s it, but with this brand, it’s much more than that.

FONHCOO Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Cute Blue-Light Blocking Glasses

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I would like to advise you that while the eyewear companies mentioned above are high-quality and you will get what you pay for, we need to acknowledge the bigger problem here before we go out there looking for band-aids and temporary solutions, spending too much time on screens, we should first start treating the leading cause of our eye strains and fatigue, if you can, start reducing your screen time, go out there and enjoy real life, if you have a computer at work which is necessary then sure, but what’s stopping you from using your phone less? from watching your television less? focus on what you can control, and start removing distractions from your life, In a perfectly liven life, we wouldn’t use screens as much, but this is real life, and we have to adapt, As a general rule of thumb try to lower your personal screens’ usage (phone, PC, TV) as much as possible, it will be hard at first, but slowly work your way to it by reducing usage day by day slowly, research has also shown that general light (background light) is effective in reducing eye fatigue, so try to light a lamp or two on your desk and behind you so your eyes won’t make much effort to focus, after you’ve done all of this, then you can consider using blue light filtering glasses to furthermore protect your eyes, that’s the way to protect yourself and live a fulfilling life enjoying your eyeballs and living your journey to its fullest, as you should. Also, if you have enjoyed this article and want to know more about glasses that protect your eyes well, make sure you check the best protective eyewear in 2023 article, I’m sure you will love it. You don’t want to miss it!

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